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4 – KN95 Surgical Grade Face Masks


We are selling these masks for only a small profit above our cost. We are trying to survive the outbreak while promoting best practices for sanitation, and we are not attempting to take advantage of this global crisis. If you must be in public and cannot find adequate respiratory protection in stores, you can purchase KN95 masks in packs of four for $19.95 at the link below.


How Does

The HD Face Mask Work?

Respiratory masks are protective devices covering at least the nose and mouth, worn on the face or head. Respiratory masks have filter material that, when worn correctly, cover the mouth and nose. When the wearer inhales, the air is pulled through the mask and filtered.


What People Have To Say

Wearing a KN95 mask makes me feel safe during these difficult times. I always practice good hygiene such as hand-washing and not touching my face, but the mask gives me an added sense of security.

Angelina Martin

Fitness Trainer

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  • Additional protection in social spaces

  • Protect your pets

  • Reduce the risk of transmission

  • Foldable design fits in pocket

  • Alleviate stress caused by global panic and respirator shortages